Your data matters - Protecting it has never been more important

Piers Kelly

The average cost of a data breach in 2019 stands at $3.92 million.* In the global economy, where data has become a commodity, it is worth remembering how vulnerable data is to a variety of threats. Managing and protecting your mission-critical data is a complex and challenging task. If performed inefficiently, this can result in data breaches and cost your business dearly.

IBM Business Resiliency Services - Backup as a Service is designed to help protect critical business data. With private, public or hybrid cloud-based, on-site or off-site data protection services, IBM creates and implements a solution that addresses unique backup, retention and retrieval needs.

In this webinar, IBM's Robbie Mitchell talks about how IBM Business Resiliency Services - Backup as a Service can help:

  • protect data by enabling security-rich, fully managed protection of critical data
  • reduce costs by offering competitive pricing in an operational expenditure (OPEX) service model
  • manage compliance by helping meet government and industry regulations requirements

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Robbie Mitchell is a Backup as a Service Portfolio Leader, Cloud Security & Resiliency at IBM Services.

You can watch the full webinar here:


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