Managing Information in the World of Modern Work

Piers Kelly

If 2020 was a year that no one could have foreseen; the response from government would have been almost as unpredictable for many. As horrendous as the pandemic is, the public sector has shown incredible resilience and flexibility. It has quickly pivoted, breaking down barriers, sharing information and continuing to deliver excellent services to its citizens.

On 26th January 2022, we welcomed Bruce Daisley, Previous Vice President for Twitter
Technology Leader & Best Selling Author as well as Tracey Lethbridge, Head of Public Sector UKI
and Marcus Botterill, Chief Technologist - Public Sector at OpenText to discuss:

  • Content sprawl - how to manage content that is being spread across individuals, locations and applications. 
  • Inefficient collaboration – users have more options than ever for sharing and collaborating on documents but this could cause problems with different practices and habits. 
  • Increased remote workers - does this mean increased need for governance due to compliance risks?

View the full recording here