Manage the Content that Powers Modern Work

Piers Kelly

The next few years represent a pivotal time for many public sector organisations. They’ve known for years that their old ways of providing citizen services — using manual processes, and isolated systems with ever-increasing information sprawl — are not sustainable. Pressure has been mounting to digitally transform, but “good enough” and “where do we start” often got in the way.

On 2nd November 2021, we welcomed George Harot, Product Marketing Director and Archana Sharma, Principal Solutions Architect at OpenText to discuss:

  • Seamlessly integrating relevant content into critical workflows, letting users work faster and smarter
  • Reducing risk and improving productivity by automating tasks and processes such as information capture and governance
  • Addressing new needs and opportunities with easily customisable solutions that harness the agility of the cloud

View the full recording here


This is the final session in a 3-part series of webinars delivered by OpenText. Next up we have a panel discussion:

Simply click on the link above to find out more information and register your place ahead of the panel discussion.