Fostering Trust in Government Through Improved Service Delivery

Julia Esgate Christmas

Take a look at our latest webinar in the GovNet Technology portfolio, which took place on 3rd November 2022. This episode was sponsored by Laserfiche, with two expert speakers from their organisation: Noel Loughrin and Anjana Verma.

Government agencies have the responsibility of working through challenges to address the immediate and critical needs of individuals and communities that access public benefits programs.

In our informative session with Laserfiche, attendees learned how you can incorporate modern technologies, redesign key public facing processes and enhance your service delivery.

In this session Laserfiche:

  • Reviewed the overall journey in accessing government services and how tedious and discouraging our systems are, due in part to the repetitive information collection requests, over-complex application forms, and the numerous organizations that administer programs.

  • Discussed and highlighted the technology and apps that can be used to meet government service delivery modernisation initiatives, like the UK’s 2022 to 2025 Roadmap for Digital and Data. These are the technologies and apps that can be leveraged to streamline information collection requests through process automation and by enhancing communications.

  • Showed attendees how to access pre-made, industry specific solution templates.

Join Laserfiche in this replay below, with a live demo and case studies from their clients.

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