The Journey to the Cloud & Dealing with Bumps in the Road

Piers Kelly

By embracing the transition to digital platforms and moving to the cloud in 2021 and beyond, public sector organisations can deliver effective, connected public services and optimise their IT budgets.

The journey to the cloud throws up challenges, including dealing with legacy applications containing data that must be retained. The inflexibility of legacy software makes it difficult to move to the cloud and if only the application data is required, isn't there a better way to tackle this problem?

We were joined by Alan Hutchinson, Consultant Product Manager at OpenText to hear how other organisations have succeeded in dealing with their legacy applications and establish a way to:

  • Reduce IT costs and complexity
  • Reducing risk and ensuring compliance with retention and legal hold requirements
  • Improve access to legacy data 
  • Control applications data growth

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This is the second in a 3-part series of webinars delivered by OpenText. Next up:

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