Transforming Government’s Use of Data

Piers Kelly

The Digital Government Virtual Summit welcomed an exceptional panel of experts to discuss transforming the Government's use of data to drive efficiency and improve public services.

In this session, we are joined by:

  • Sue Bateman, Deputy Director, Data and Innovation, Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO)
  • Katharine Purser, Head of Data Strategy, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
  • Ollie Buckley, Executive Director, The CDEI

The key topics of focus include:

  • National Data Strategy: using data to improve the citizen experience
  • According to the latest public consultation what steps must be taken and how far are we with the creation of an appropriately safeguarded, joined-up and interoperable data infrastructure?
  • What were the first steps taken by Data Standards Authority (DSA) to make data shareable and accessible across government services?

  • How to leverage a shared data model and support an open and transparent data infrastructure across the government?

  • How should the risks be managed to protect both internal and external data through a robust governance process?

  • How to ensure the use of ethical open and consistent data to design better services around user needs?

  • Updated Data Ethics Framework: How to ensure every proposed approach is proportionate and ethical? Is the proposed right for the purpose and better value than other solutions?

Watch the full session here


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