Enabling Continuous Innovation across Government

Piers Kelly

The Government ICT Conference, which took place virtually in January 2021 featured top speakers from Central and Local Government, covering innovation, data, and IT Infrastructure.

In this session, Matthew Coats, Director General at the Government Business Services, part of the Cabinet Office, discusses how to enable continuous innovation across Government.

The key points covered: 

  • Creating Government Business Services - The reason behind the formation and the benefits for central government
  • Reflecting on progress made over the last few years, and the steps being taken to enable continuous improvement
  • Future innovation across five key areas, to bring cohesion and collaboration across government:
  1. Shared Service Centres
  2. Commercial convergence
  3. Data convergence
  4. Process transformation
  5. Quality and performance

Watch the full session here


The Government ICT Conference is part of the GovNet Tech portfolio bringing a series of events, webinars and thought-leadership roundtables to the public sector.

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