Navigating the Ransomware Perfect Storm

Piers Kelly

At the Cyber Security & Data Protection Summit, in November, we welcomed Justin-Vaughan Brown, VP Product Marketing and Communications at Deep Instinct to analyse and explore the deep learning-driven, prevention first approach to ransomware.

Public sector organisations are facing challenging times:

  • 57% see unknown malware as the primary factor limiting threat prevention
  • Over 50% quote the sheer volume of unknown malware as the biggest barrier to detection
  • 24.4 hours is the average time to respond to a security incident – over 3 working days
  • Traditional AV technologies missed nearly 75% of Q1 2021 malware
  • Critical infrastructure, healthcare and government offices are seen as high impact targets

This session looks at ways to address this “perfect storm” of increasing attack volumes, expanded threat vectors and a targeted focus on public sector bodies. It highlights the opportunities deep learning brings to prevent ransomware and other malware in <20 ms before an attacker can gain persistence.

View the session in full here:

Deep Instinct takes a prevention-first approach to stopping ransomware and other malware using the world’s first and only purpose-built, deep learning cybersecurity framework. 

They can predict and prevent known, unknown, and zero-day threats in <20 milliseconds, 750X faster than the fastest ransomware can encrypt. Deep Instinct has >99% zero-day accuracy and promises a <0.1% false-positive rate. The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform is an essential addition to every security stack—providing complete, multi-layered protection against threats across hybrid environments.

Read the Ransomware ebook from Deep Instinct