Advancing Efficiency and Collaboration: Updates on the OneHMPPS Area Model

Jordaine Minchin
Feb 27, 2024

The latest updates on the OneHMPPS Area model show significant progress since its launch in early October. The model aims to streamline operations and improve collaboration between Probation and Prison frontline staff by restructuring into six geographical areas in England and Wales. Each area is overseen by an Area Executive Director (AED), responsible for bringing together Regional Probation Directors and Prison Group Directors under one management structure.

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The six HMPPS areas and their respective AEDs are as follows:

  1. HMPPS North-West - AED Alan Scott
  2. HMPPS North-East - AED Helen Judge
  3. HMPPS Midlands - AED Sarah Chand
  4. HMPPS Wales - AED Ian Barrow
  5. HMPPS London - AED Sarah Coccia
  6. HMPPS South-East & East - AED David Hood
  7. HMPPS South-West & South Central - AED Chris Jennings

The integration of RPDs and PGDs aims to facilitate innovation and faster decision-making at the operational level. By devolving authority to the areas, the model seeks to maximise prioritisation on the frontline, simplify processes, and empower senior staff to make decisions closer to where services are delivered.

Key objectives of the Area Model include:

  • Prioritising frontline staffing and resources
  • Streamlining national change programmes to focus on day-to-day delivery
  • Empowering seniority closer to the frontline
  • Providing areas with greater autonomy in achieving HMPPS objectives
  • Allowing for a greater share of funding decisions at the area level
  • Encouraging collaboration and relationship-building to resolve issues more effectively
  • Establishing shared incentives and objectives for seamless delivery
  • Promoting collaboration as the default approach in areas where services overlap

Moving forward, there will be ongoing engagement with staff to refine the model and ensure it effectively delivers on its objectives. The restructuring of headquarters and consultation with Trade Unions will commence in early 2024, marking another significant step in the evolution of the OneHMPPS Area model.

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