Case Study: Successfully Prosecuting a Case on Adult Care Fraud

Jessica Kimbell, GovNet
March 30, 2023

Hannah Turner & Philip Juhasz from the Shared Anti-Fraud Service at Hertfordshire County Council talk through an actual investigation that they conducted, involving adult care fraud.

Adult Care services are under enormous financial pressure and this, added to the complex nature of care services, leaves opportunities for fraudsters to exploit a service focused on delivering essential services to the most vulnerable in society.


A bit of background

When you apply for care or need care from your Local Authority that can be provided to you in a number of ways:

  • The Local Authority can provide the care,
  • The Local Authority can contract a provider to provide the care to you,
  • You can be provided with the funds and buy the care yourself.

The Care Act is there to ensure that people with a disability or who have a problem with living are provided with the appropriate care, and that they have a choice in the type of care they want, and how that care will be provided.

This provides some people with an opportunity to commit fraud against the adult care system, in particular around the direct payments scheme.


The presentation

In the talk below, you'll get a real-life window into fraud investigations within Local Government.



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