Prevention: The Key to Success in Countering Fraud in the NHS

Jessica Kimbell, GovNet
June 15, 2023

Live from our NHS Fraud conference our panel offer insightful tips on ways to effectively measure the financial and non-financial impacts of counter fraud controls; plus practical ideas on how practitioners can work collaboratively with policy leads to integrate counter fraud measures into policy from the planning stage.

The Panel

Jump to individual questions, or listen to the full panel discussion below:


01:43  Panelist introductions

04:52  How can you report on prevented fraud, and how are we comparing work between services?

11:40  How can we frame fraud detection as a positive thing? How can we share success stories?

14:30  How can we better link up policy design and delivery arms to prevent and mitigate fraud?

22:00  A local perspective - prevention activity seems to deliver the greatest bang for your buck but how do we demonstrate tangible benefits to encourage further investment?

25:28  With financial pressure on NHS organisations increasing, is investment in investigating fraud instances for criminal prosecution likely to decline?

28:44  Chair's closing remarks


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GovNet’s Counter Fraud Conferences provide public sector counter-fraud, audit and economic crime professionals the opportunity to network, learn and collaborate to reduce the threat of public sector fraud. Register for GovNet’s Counter Fraud Conference 2024 here.