Local Councils Achieving More for Less


Alemba support a number of local councils, both in the United Kingdom and abroad, to streamline their IT Service Management processes and drastically improve service delivery.

Alemba's local council customers are all too often faced with the Herculean task of ‘doing more with less’. This includes providing quality services, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing the speed of service delivery - all while navigating budget and resource constraints and increasing governance requirements.

Alemba’s flagship IT Service Management (ITSM) solution, Alemba Service Manager (ASM), is designed to increase efficiency and automation. Alemba Service Manager leverages cutting-edge technology to provide a comprehensive suite of tools that transform the way organisations manage their IT services and support.

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Alemba Service Manager helps local councils to achieve:

  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity: By standardising processes and procedures for service management, ASM helps organisations streamline operations. This standardisation reduces inefficiencies, allowing IT staff to focus on more strategic tasks and innovations rather than being bogged down by routine operations.
  • Enhanced Service Delivery: ASM helps organisations understand and meet their customer needs. By implementing processes such as Service Level Management, organisations can better align their IT services with business requirements, ensuring higher customer satisfaction and more effective use of resources to meet those needs.
  • Enhanced Decision Making: ASM’s advanced analytics and dashboards provide effective service reporting and business intelligence, allowing organisations to make more informed decisions about where to allocate or reduce resources for maximum impact.


Alemba Service Manager in Action

Two local councils, Liverpool City Council and Dumfries and Galloway Council, implemented Alemba Service Manager with excellent results, briefly overviewed below.

Key Challenges

Liverpool City Council

Liverpool City Council relied on three disparate systems to furnish the council with a service catalogue and a mechanism for logging business changes within the ICT department.

These point solutions were not only outdated, but also offered very limited interaction between one another, often resulting in duplication and the need for manual intervention.

The council required an integrated solution to automate request workflows to streamline the efficiency of their procurement and business change processes.

Dumfries and Galloway Council

Development and support for Dumfries and Galloway Council’s legacy ITSM system was coming to an end, and it would no longer be compatible with newer technologies.

The Council required a modern, flexible ITSM solution with reliable ongoing support and development.

The Results

Liverpool City Council

Liverpool City Council was able to condense three legacy systems into a single workflow driven solution with Alemba Service Manager. This saved on maintenance and support and infrastructure costs, while freeing up staff to work on delivering innovations.

Alemba’s powerful service catalogue-driven customer portal, allowed customers to self-serve, resulting in a 30% reduction in calls to the service desk, freeing up resource to deal with more complex infrastructural issues, and enabling proactive problem management.

Dumfries and Galloway Council

Using Alemba Service Manager, Dumfries & Galloway Council’s IT team have enabled customers to self-resolve their incidents, reducing calls to the service desk by 7% year on year.

The intuitive interface of Alemba Service Manager has meant only minimal training was required for operation of the new software, reducing implementation costs and increasing adoption.



The adoption of Alemba Service Manager within local councils in the UK offers a transformative potential for enhancing service delivery, operational efficiency, and resource optimisation.

Given the unique challenges faced by local government entities, including budget constraints, the need for digital transformation, and the demand for high-quality public services, ASM's structured approach to IT service management emerges as a particularly valuable tool.

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