Hybrid Meeting: A Solihull Council Case Study


Solihull Council, a prominent district council in the West Midlands, serves over 215,000 residents and employs approximately 3,000 staff members. Committed to enhancing public services, the council embarked on a refurbishment project to create 65 versatile meeting rooms. This case study highlights how Avoira, a technology solutions provider, partnered with Solihull Council to elevate their meeting experiences in alignment with their transition to a hybrid work model.

Business Needs: A Vision for Seamless Hybrid Meetings

To adapt to the evolving work landscape, Solihull Council recognised the necessity of upgrading their meeting room technologies. The goal was to facilitate efficient collaboration for both in-person and remote attendees. They sought a standardized solution that supported their preferred video conferencing tool, Microsoft Teams, while also enabling seamless document sharing.

“The kit we had was no longer fit for purpose, we needed hybrid meeting functionality so our Procurement and IT departments undertook a tendering process” explains Facilities Manager, John-Evan Jones.

The Solution: Tailored Technologies for Diverse Spaces

Avoira's experts collaborated closely with John-Evan Jones, Facilities Manager at Solihull Council, to customise a comprehensive solution. The chosen technology, Yealink MVC Teams Room systems, offered intuitive Microsoft Teams integration, simplifying the meeting process for all users.

  • Small Meeting Rooms (Yealink MVC400): Equipped with a high-definition AI-powered camera and advanced microphone technology, these rooms provided exceptional audio and visual experiences.

  • Medium Meeting Rooms (Yealink MVC640): Featuring a 4K UVC 84 camera and an integrated three-microphone matrix, these rooms ensured top-notch video and audio quality.

  • Large Meeting Rooms (Yealink MVC840): Designed for spacious areas, this system included a powerful VCM84 video-conferencing microphone array, ensuring clear audio coverage.

Implementation: Seamless Integration Amidst Business as Usual

With careful planning and open communication, Avoira's installation teams worked in tandem with the council to implement the solution. Meeting rooms remained operational throughout the process, allowing staff to continue their work uninterrupted. The phased approach ensured minimal disruption and efficient progress.

“I can’t fault the Avoira installation guys, they were fantastic. Nothing was too much for them and not only did they handle the installation, but took the time to sort any queries or questions.” John-Evan Jones, Facilities Manager, Solihull Council.

The Benefits: Elevating Engagement and Ease of Use

The outcome was met with high praise from John-Evan Jones, Facilities Manager at Solihull Council. He commended both the quality of the solution and its user-friendliness. The intuitive technology allowed staff to effortlessly join meetings with a single touch. The new setup also significantly improved equitable engagement, bridging the gap between on-site and remote participants.

A Benchmark in Meeting Room Transformation

Solihull Council's partnership with Avoira exemplifies the successful integration of cutting-edge technology to enhance meeting experiences in the era of hybrid work. The case study showcases the importance of tailored solutions, meticulous planning, and collaborative implementation. As the council continues its mission to provide top-notch public services, their revamped meeting spaces stand as a testament to their commitment to progress.

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