How automation is providing better outcomes for public sector services

Piers Kelly
August 10, 2022

From late 2020, West Midlands Police (WMP) have been building their automation capability with the aim to improve operational efficiency and reduce the administrative workload for police officers and staff.

Their first UiPath automation was implemented in April 2021, exceeding expectations. The software robot was able to complete their ‘Active Crime Record Transfer’ process seven times faster than a member of staff, with 1,612 hours saved. That time saving resulted in direct benefits to core policing hours: enabling officers to spend more time protecting their communities.

Take a look back at this fireside chat, delivered on 14th December 2021, where Alastair Gregory, Gregg Hudson & Scott Elliott share their challenges and lessons learnt since embarking on the automation journey.


  • Alastair Gregory, Head of Delivery Management, West Midlands Police
  • Gregg Hudson, Mobility and Automation Manager, West Midlands Police
  • Scott Elliott, Senior RPA Developer, West Midlands Police
  • Joshua Goodwin, Customer Success Manager, UiPath
  • Matt Hogarth, NHS Automation Professional, UiPath

Topics discussed included:

  • Motives for automation at WMP
  • Processes automated and why
  • Benefits & ROI
  • Challenges & top tips
  • Vision for automation going forward
  • Live Q&A

View the full webinar here:

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