Digital Transformation Events You Must Attend in 2020

Digital transformation is fast becoming a key driver for growth and innovation within public sector organisations. If you’re looking to learn about and utilise the upcoming trends, best practices and expert insights surrounding this exciting process, look no further.

Here are the digital transformation events you should attend in 2020.

Digital Government 2020

What is the state of digital services within the public sector? This event investigates the progress made on the journey towards a digital by default state, also exploring the challenges that are still yet to be faced.

Representatives from both central and local government will be able to fully utilise digitalisation, assemble services quicker and at a lower cost, as well as improve access to services for their users. 

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GovFintech 2020

GovFintech 2020 aims at uniting the digital pioneer with the public finance professional. This event will explore how technology-enabled public finance can provide quality public services at value for money.

GovFintech 2020 will also analyse the new Government Finance Function Strategy and the implications it has for the financial sector. This will involve leaders from Central & Local Government, the Health Sector, Housing Associations and the private sector. 

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GovTech 2020

We’re inviting technology pioneers to explore the wins and roadblocks of implementing emerging technologies within the public sector. Covering 5G, AI, IoT and Big Data, Blockchain, Geospatial and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), you’ll experience the expertise of tech trailblazers and government officials.

The event will be made up of technical sessions run by industry experts, hands-on learning and interactive lessons. It will present you with the opportunity to communicate with over 300 peers in order to drive collaborative approach.

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Cyber Security & Data Protection Summit 2020

This event offers world-class insight into how the UK’s security experts are enhancing and protecting the nation’s digital future. With over 400 experts convening, this event will give a voice to the cyber security practitioners. They’re the ones who are elevating security from its role as a cardinal practice to one that is recognised as a precondition for any strategic success.

The event covers the key themes of skills and training, crime and trends, cyber culture, leadership and recruitment, emerging technology and supply chain security. Overall, it’s intended to help you unlock the future of cyber security. 

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Digital Transformation and OpEx in Financial Services

By bringing together transformation and operations decision-makers from financial institutions, you’ll gain the opportunity to learn how to transform, streamline and digitalise your front-to-back business processes and cross-asset operations.

This event will help you understand the biggest drivers of digital transformation, assess the changes you need to make, learn how to embrace digital-ready innovation and benchmark the best practices, plus much more key information.

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Healthcare Excellence Through Technology (HETT) 2020

Digital transformation within the health sector is fast becoming a crucial topic - but it’s a difficult process to implement. Historically, progress has been slow and inconsistent.

HETT works to connect the entire healthtech and digital ecosystem. It’s the destination of choice for healthcare organisations who are looking to implement and invest in the digital revolution.

HETT brings together leading technologies and digital solutions, as well as industry experts. We are currently at a tipping point for digital transformation in the health sector, so HETT is here to educate you on the best of new digital and technological practices that will quickly become key investments.

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