Barbara Gray LVO QPM, Met Police on Raising Standards Within UK Policing

At this year's Modernising Criminal Justice Conference, we had Barbara Gray, Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service speak about the current UK Policing landscape. Her presentation, centred on "Raising Standards Within Policing," addressed critical issues that have gripped recent headlines and called for a transformation in UK policing practices.

In this blog, we delve into Barbara Gray's insightful presentation, exploring her vision for a more reputable police force, the cultural changes required to get there, and the progress made thus far in 2023.

Assistant Commissioner Gray recognised the challenges posed by recent high-profile cases within policing and the associated negative news surrounding the service. To begin the journey toward a more reputable police force, she emphasised the importance of transparency, systemic reform, and community engagement.

Building trust and confidence involves proactive communication to share positive stories and counterbalance negativity. She stressed the need for profound cultural changes within police agencies. This involves creating an environment where officers and staff feel safe reporting misconduct, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and fostering empathy and understanding within the force.

Listen to Barbara's full presentation below, and learn how to raise police standards in the UK police.