Transforming the UK Justice System: How Cloud Technology Empowers Citizens

Laura Girvan, Marketing Executive, Kainos
Oct 24, 2023

Kainos has been working with HM Courts and Tribunals Service to develop, support and enhance their Microsoft Azure Platform Services. Kainos assisted in the migration of their legacy services and applications, helping to drive efficiencies and modernise the justice system in the UK. Here's a summary of what they've done together, and the impact it's had on citizens.
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Over the last five years, Kainos has partnered with HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) to drive forward its reform programme to help shape UK justice services around the needs of those who use them.

During phase one and two of the programme, Kainos worked closely with the security teams within HMCTS to design and build the secure Azure platform to host criminal justice services. Kainos also helped develop digital services allowing citizens to process divorce, civil money claims, financial remedy, family public law and social security appeals online – transforming how the public access these essential services.

For phase three of the programme, Kainos will help HMCTS scale the new services and processes – with online services being expanded and extended – so they are available to a wider range of people and able to offer a complete end-to-end service to users.

Kainos’ people employ an open, collaborative approach and bring strategic thinking to customers. By employing its advanced engineering expertise, Kainos will also work to consolidate the service platform and assist in the migration of HMCTS’ legacy applications and services to Azure.

Leveraging its strong partner relationship with Microsoft, Kainos is working closely with HMCTS’ internal technology team to help frame the ongoing cloud strategy and ensure that they not only drive efficiencies with their legacy migration but also take advantage of emerging technology like Kubernetes.

This will provide HMCTS with an operating model that will prepare them for the future and is a significant step forwards to a fully integrated justice system, allowing intelligent data sharing to deliver on this critical public service.

Kainos thrives on delivering positive change to citizens and is continuing to help transform the Justice System by working with HMCTS on their cloud transformation journey.

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