How Modern Technology Can Help To Improve Service User Engagement

Jessica Kimbell, GovNet
Oct 24, 2023

In this seminar, recorded as part of the Modernising Criminal Justice virtual summit, the team from Northgate Public Services explore the reasons why there is often poor engagement between service users and service providers, despite the best efforts of dedicated practitioners.

With take-home advice for criminal justice professionals, they then explore some case study examples of how modern technology can be used to help improve engagement and thus improve outcomes for service users.

Watch in full here:

Key Learnings:

  • Reasons for poor engagement 
  • How Covid 19 can affect service user engagement 
  • Exploration of service user feedback 
  • Recognising that more and more service users are digital natives and the changing way that people interact with the world 
  • How can modern technology help to empower service users and improve engagement to achieve  :  
    • Better attendance 
    • Improved outcomes 
    • More equitable relationships between staff and service users   
  • Case study: My Pathways service user mobile application     
    • Better access to information about service users’ court orders 
    • Reminders 
    • Easy access to local/national resources 
    • Journal features 
    • Secure messaging with case manager   




Marco Fiorentino, Northgate Public Services Imran Mahmood, Northgate Public Serviecs
Marco Fiorentino
Director of Justice & Enforcement
Northgate Public Services
Imran Mahmood
Product Manager
Northgate Public Services