Prisons Minister speaks at 2023 Modernising Criminal Justice Conference

At the 2023 Modernising Criminal Justice Conference, our Ministerial Keynote was delivered by Prisons Minister Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP. In his compelling speech, Minister Hinds explored various aspects of criminal justice reform, focusing particularly on the critical issues of prisons, probation, and reducing re-offending.

As the prisons minister, he highlighted the pressing need for effective rehabilitation programs and emphasised the importance of providing prisoners with the necessary tools and support to successfully reintegrate into society. He emphasised the significance of creating a safe and secure environment within prisons, one that fosters positive change and encourages personal growth.

Moving on to probation, Minister Hinds acknowledged the vital role engagement and community plays in ensuring the successful transition of offenders back into the community. He stressed the importance of proactive supervision and support during the probationary period, as it greatly contributes to reducing the likelihood of re-offending. Prisons minister Hinds outlined the government's commitment to strengthening probation services and enhancing their effectiveness.

Furthermore, Minister Hinds shed light on the urgent need to address the issue of re-offending. He outlined innovative strategies and initiatives aimed at breaking the cycle of crime and ensuring better outcomes for both individuals and society as a whole. Minister Hinds emphasised the significance of providing tailored interventions, comprehensive support networks, and access to education and employment opportunities for individuals leaving the criminal justice system.

The Prisons Minister's keynote speech resonated with the audience, as he eloquently conveyed the government's dedication to modernising the criminal justice system. His words sparked a sense of hope and optimism, inspiring attendees to actively engage in the ongoing effort to create a fairer and more effective criminal justice system.

To gain valuable insights into Minister Hinds' vision for the future of criminal justice and hear his thought-provoking ideas, we invite you to listen to his captivating speech below.